How To Become A Happier Person Right Now

Wondering how to become a more positive person? There are some things you can do to boost your mood and become a positive person right now, especially if you’re feeling down, uninspired, or just in need of a

But our mood and outlook can affect every aspect of our lives, including our careers, so it’s important to try and keep those negative vibes at bay. Here are our top tips for being a more positive person every day!

1.Stop overthinking

The number one step, which is also one of the hardest, is to stop overthinking. When we overthink we automatically detach ourselves from the moment we’re living in, denying ourselves the enjoyment of “now”. Overthinking – often needlessly – generates more anxiety and fear for the future so it’s a big no-no.

Tricks to avoid overthinking include noticing those moments when your brain goes into unnecessary overdrive, pausing to let those moments wash over you, and then using mindfulness to let them go.

2.Do something that makes you happy every day

It doesn’t necessarily need to be something big! Every little thing that contributes to your overall wellbeing is important and worth appreciating. Maybe it’s something as simple as taking the time to read your book, or knitting, or watching Netflix for an hour, or chatting with your best friend, or reading that article about how Hermione is a boss-witch defeating the patriarchy.

Always try and schedule something small into your everyday routine that will put a smile on your face, even if it’s just for a few minutes!


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4.Always find a silver lining

Try and always find a positive side to even the worst situations, even if it’s a tiny positive side. Life can be tough and the tough times can hit you when you least expect it. But if you try and always find an upside, you’ll be able to keep a positive attitude despite any challenges

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