Best way make you happy.

Just 1 habit can boost your all day time for lifetime. If you control your sleep, you can control your life with maximum potential. Building up a good sleeping and morning habit is all you need to make anything possible in life and solve almost every problem. If you live for 100 years let’s assume, still you are sleeping for more than 33 years as average! Yes, for a healthy lifestyle, you have to sleep 6 to 8 hours daily that can be 1/3 or 1/4 of your total time you can get every day! Is it wise to just throw off 1/3rd of your life just sleeping and nothing else?

So, why sleeping is so important?

Sleeping is a must need for body and mind. It’s obvious that without sleeping, no one can live long enough. So let’s see what sleeping can do for us:

  • Recover our mental stress.
  • Relaxation of muscle and all the body parts.
  • Grow; muscle build and important biological activities occur.
  • Remove toxins from brain and make it clear & workable.
  • Process our subconscious desires and visualize through dream.
  • Improve memory and health.
  • Develop psychological, physical and spiritual wellness.

So no one can live without a proper sleep of 6-8 hours to get the full benefit of sleep and enjoy the life.

So why sleep needs to be controlled?

Most of the people on earth suffer from sleeping disorders and many other problems related to sleep. It is also proven that a good sleeping and morning habit is a billionaire habit that is maintained by successful people. So if we can’t control our sleep, let’s see what problems occur:

  • Sleeplessness and over sleeping occur.
  • Psychological, physical and many mental disorders can be found.
  • Irregular and chaos sleep ruins all day routine and create mental stress.
  • All day goes wrong sometimes and thus failure and depression increase.
  • Overall health and life value and satisfaction decrease gradually.

Aren’t they enough to make you life worth of nothing? Of course they are just a little of the big picture. Without control, it will not just ruin 33 years of your life. It can easily harm beyond your life, others life too who are related with you.

So what can you get by controlling sleep?

Don’t want to be billionaire or successful? Still you have to control your sleep for living your own simple life happily. Timing and effective habit building with sleep is all what you need. It can be the missing part of your life for which you can’t control yourself or your day, or cannot succeed in what you are wanting. Let’s dive into some simple to advanced sleeping tricks, habits and to do activities that can eventually make your 33 years (we assumed you will be a centurion living being) of sleep worth of magical experience and important more than other working time.

I have experience it so have the successful people. There is no difference between 2% successful people on earth and other people. Everyone got the brain, body, struggle to develop and 24 hours a day. Yes, here they get the advantage to use 24 hours efficiently. And that’s by controlling sleeping and building related morning habit. You even can live with some multi career passion and profession together if you get enough time in a day.

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